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It's really hard (and sad) to believe that he's gone.  

I tried doing a caricature painting of him nearly 20 years ago.   It wasn't great, but almost had something successful about it- I dug it out, scanned it, and fixed it up in photoshop recently.   Hope it works now.

Some recent work that I didn't get around to posting until now...

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Journey to the West, better photos!!

Here are my Journey to the West sculptures from last year, but photographed much, much better by Tas Limur.  

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Squidy-Panda-Lady thing

It's not Cthulhu, but his nephew's fiancé from the Bronx.


Thanks to my friend Francisco Velasco for his idea of guns that look like crab claws for the big guy in back.

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Here is a Gug, one of many creatures come up with by author H. P. Lovecraft.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sun WuKong

Arguably the most popular figure in all of Chinese literature, Sun Wukong is the Monkey King, or the "Great Sage Who Equals Heaven" as he calls himself.   Brash, arrogant and extremely violent, the Monkey King singlehandedly turned Heaven upside down, abolished death for himself and his monkey subjects, and did the lion's share of the work in escorting Sanzang to India.  For all his criminal mischief, he is also endlessly clever, resourceful and loyal, making him the hero and main character of Journey to the West.   

This is my design/sculpture of Sun Wukong, a personal project very near and dear to me which I have been developing for some time, along with Zhu Bajie.   

Zhu BaJie

In his past life, Zhu BaJie was the handsome and charismatic Martial Tian Peng, commander of a vast naval fleet in Heaven.   But he was sent to be reborn in the body of a pig monster as punishment for his seducing a goddess.   In Journey to the West, Zhu BaJie plays the comic foil to Sun Wukong, a gluttonous, lazy and lecherous dimwit who is nevertheless very endearing and one of the most memorable characters in Chinese literature.   This is my design/sculpture of him.